Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment

Newly constructed op ward

From the 01.08.2009 we have been carrying out our outpatient operations in the newly constructed 5th storey ward. Here, we are able to carry out operations in a peaceful atmosphere far removed from clinic practice. In addition to the state-of-the-art op ward, which caters for all modern demands, we have 5 recovery rooms in which patients are able to spend time with their relatives after their operation before departing.

In order to spare you a stay in a hospital ward, we carry out the majority of gynaecological operations on an outpatient basis at our clinic.

These include:

  • Treating miscarriages (vacuum aspiration)
  • Conisation
  • Operations on the uterus such as hysteroscopy, D&C, removal of myomas and polyps, endometrium removal;
  • Laparoscopy in the event of fertility difficulties, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, lower abdominal pain, sterilisation.
  • Minimal traumatising tubal sterilisation
  • Scar-free laparoscopy
  • Breast node removal

We are a member of the professional association for outpatient operations ([Berufsverband für ambulantes Operieren] BAO). You can find further information on the individual operations on the association's homepage.

During all these operations our experienced anaesthetists are responsible for the brief administration of anaesthetic. Under certain circumstances some operations can also be carried out under local anaesthetic.

If an operation requires general anaesthetic you will be permitted to eat and drink until 12:00 midnight on the preceding evening. You must fast for at least six hours prior to the operation. If you take regular medication then you may take this on the morning of the operation with a mouthful of water following consultation with your doctor.

You should bring comfortable clothing with you for the period after the operation and for your journey home.

You can leave our clinic around 30-120 minutes after the procedure if accompanied by a companion or in a taxi.

A follow-up examination is always essential following an operation. This will usually be carried out by your consulting gynaecologist around one week to ten days after the operation.

In the event of difficulties arising after an operation we are naturally available for you by telephone at all times.