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The sexual behaviour of an individual depends entirely on his or her personal circumstances. When selecting a method of contraception, the duration and outlook of a partnership is also of vital significance. For each couple, different requirements apply when it comes to the method of contraception.

In order to find the right method, the individual should be aware of all of the options and their respective modes of functionality. We would like to assist you in this regard: The assurance provided by a method of contraception is measured on the basis of its "failure rate" - the so-called "Pearl Index" (PI). This measure denotes the number of unwanted pregnancies that occur in 100 women over a 12 month period, when using a specific form of contraception. The lower the PI number, the greater the assurance provided by the respective contraceptive method.

Hormonal contraception

The coil

Barrier methods

Other methods of contraception

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