Cancer screening

By attending annual cancer screening you signal to us your awareness of your personal heath. It is our task to carry out conventional cancer screening in a conscientious and competent manner.

Furthermore, we would also like to inform you on a continuous basis of the latest developments in the field of screening, and have the opportunity of offering modern screening examinations to you.

The recommended annual cancer screening, which is a constituent of medical insurance cover, comprises the following services:

  • Cervical smear test
  • Tactile examination of the uterus and ovaries
  • Tactile examination of the breast
  • From 49 years of age: Tactile examination of the rectum and examination of stools for blood
  • From the ages of 56 to 65 it is also possible to opt for a preventative colonoscopy.

Smear of the uterine orifice

The smear taken from the uterine orifice is examined in our cytological laboratory by two independent examiners, in order to guarantee maximum assurance and reliability. In the event of irregularities you will be informed in writing of the requirement for a check-up.

Dysplasia consultations (dysplasia centre)

In the event of special requirements we also offer external patients the option of obtaining a second opinion, within the framework of our dysplasia consultations.

HPV smear of the uterine orifice