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We are an appointments-based clinic. We are therefore available to you from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm daily.

You can arrange an appointment by telephone on 040 / 411668-0 or using the online form.

Waiting time

We carry out outpatient operations in our clinic and certain procedures may take longer than originally anticipated. It is therefore possible, on rare occasions, that unforeseen waiting times may arise. Our personnel will inform you of this as quickly as possible.

You should therefore allow approx. 1.5 hours when visiting our clinic.

Please also consider that we conduct multiple consultations in parallel. It is therefore possible that the order in which individuals are called from the waiting room may not reflect the order in which they arrive at the clinic.

In case of urgency (emergency appointments)

In the event of urgent gynaecological or antenatal requirements you can always arrange an appointment at short notice. If urgent circumstances require, you are also able to arrive at the clinic without an appointment. We operate daily emergency consultation hours from 9.00 am - 12.00 pm for this purpose. Please make use of these consultation hours only in an absolute emergency. We kindly request your understanding in that your own doctor may not be available to see you on such occasions and that you may also experience lengthier waiting times.

Please kindly also understand that these consultation hours are reserved for our patients. New patients should please request a standard appointment.