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Our aim is to combine all of our expertise, in order provide you with care in all areas of gynaecology and obstetrics. We offer you both conventional as well as extended modern gynaecological early cancer detection options.


Obstetric services

Cancer sreening

Additionally, within the framework of early cancer detection we are able further investigate any irregularities that may arise and carry out both outpatient and inpatient operations where necessary. This is possible due to

  • a team comprising numerous physicians and consultants with respective areas of expertise (gynaecologists, obstetricians with DEGUM II qualification, anaesthetists, midwifes, breast-feeding consultants, yoga instructors, physiotherapy course instructors),
  • specialists trained and certified in antenatal ultrasound diagnostics (DEGUM IIFMF Germany)
  • the latest generation medical equipment (breast diagnostics, ultrasound)
  • outpatient op ward in the clinic (laparoscopies, e.g. with fertility issues or ovarian cysts, operations in the event of ectopic pregnancies, hysteroscopies, myoma removal, conisation, breast operations)
  • inpatient operations, which are carried out by ourselves at the Marienkrankenhaus hospital (myoma removal, laparoscopies, hysteroscopies, hysterectomies, treatment of breast cancer with sentinel lymph node technology)